Secure Checkout.

For product purchases through the Site, the Company accepts debit and credit card payments via PayPal* 

* PayPal allows you to send your payments quickly and safely online using a credit card or bank account. When you choose PayPal as a payment method, you go to your PayPal site where you can send your payment. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can create a new account. PayPal is paid by credit card.

Payment details will appear as District 4 Art  in your  bank statement, your privacy is secure with us.

Your credit card will be charged if you check and certify the details and the validity of your credit card. The billing amount should be available and will be held with the order confirmation. The charge, in addition to the value of the ordered product, includes shipping costs if you have chosen to ship the product (s). In order to make your purchase through the Site, you should follow the instructions you will find on it. In the order form that you will find, you will need to fill in your credit card number and expiration date. You are solely responsible for the correct recording and the truth of your credit card information and you must be the beneficiary of the credit card you use for the transaction in question.

The retail receipt will be sent to you / will be given to you electronically. If you would like to check your account as a Member in the meantime, please visit the Website and check the "My Account" and "My Orders" sections.